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Photos by Chris Heard Page last updated: 2016-11-29

DSO and DAB changes - November 2016

Chris comments: "Visiting Marazion I noticed the distant profile of this mast had changed, and spotted that DAB upgrades had added it to the hit-list, so off I went... Having recently visited St Erth Canons Town, my greatest surprise was the DAB setup: SHF feed from Redruth instead of satellite, and end-fed antenna."

Editor's note: we understand the new pole was installed for DSO.

On approach, the first immediate change has been the loss of the timber telegraph pole, to be replaced with this all-metal affair.

DAB is from the black colinear at the top.

TV relay arrangements are the same as before, with the lower receiver aerial facing Redruth, and upper transmissions aerials aimed toward the nearby village of Gulval, and more distant Marazion.

The DAB link antenna is the small dish on the right, above the TV receive log.

One new cabinet with GPS antennas for DAB. The cabinet on the left appears to be the original for the TV relay but refurbished and re-painted for DSO.

The compound fencing has also been upgraded.

TV service area to the East - Gulval on the left, and Marazion and St Michael's Mount in the distance, through the Cornish mizzle.
DAB serves these, and most of the Penzance and Newlyn area to the West too.

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