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Photos by A. Bales Page last updated: 2017-02-11
Royal Victoria Hospital Tyneside
NGR: NZ242652 Maps: Google  Bing (Ord Surv) Site Height: 60m      Structure Height: 10m
Digital TV:
BBC Radio:
Ind. National Radio:
Ind. Local Radio: Radio Tyneside: 1575kHz 
Digital Radio:

Mast for Radio Tyneside in Newcastle, photos taken 24th September 2016

Radio Tyneside has a Long Term Restricted Service Licence and is freely radiating on 1575 kHz Medium Wave. They are licensed to serve the Royal Victoria Hospital which is 1km north west of Newcastle city centre. According to Ofcom its LRSL number is 000038 which makes it the oldest LRSL on the air.

The mast is a typical Radica installation with a loading coil near the top and a capacity 'hat.' The walls of the mast are white powder coated and is not live (I touched it to check)! It is at the side of Richardson Road at the very north west of the hospital site. Interestingly the actual position of it differs from where Ofcom think it is, they give the grid reference as NZ229644 (as of 2nd February 2017) whereas it is NZ242652.

Looking up at the 'capacity hat' we can see that it has lost a spoke. Hopefully the matching between transmitter and aerial was adjusted after this as it would affect the radiated power. Although it is intended to only serve the Royal Victoria Hospital the signal is freely radiating and covers a radius of 1.91 km at 2 millivolts per metre (the strength that Ofcom uses to determine a station's 'measured coverage area') and could still be heard on the coast at Whitley Bay 13.7 km away.

There is a locked box at the base of the aerial on a large concrete plinth, this will no doubt house a Radica transmitter 'AM50' which delivers 50 watts into the aerial and with the inefficiencies involved in this type of aerial, should transmit a grand total of 1 watt effective radiated power.By signal strength measurement it was found that only 0.6 watts were being transmitted (as of 8th January 2017), possibly the aerial has been detuned due to the missing top hat spoke.

The mast is hinged to facilitate erection and maintenance. An earth strap can be seen under the transmitter box which will go down to a suitable earth stake. A plastic conduit can be seen emerging from the back of the box to take the co-axial cable feeder up the mast.

Richardson Road is a straight road looking directly down to Monument in the centre of Newcastle.

The area known as Monument in the centre of Newcastle is so called because of a 40 metre high monument to the 2nd Earl Grey who was Prime Minister from 1830 to 1834 and has a peculiar tasting tea named after him. Newcastle is worth visiting for the Georgian architecture, the friendly people and the large shopping centre.

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