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Photos by Rob Shufflebotham Page last updated: 2014-05-21

April 2014

Lark Stoke is certainly a unique site, and one I would certainly recommend being put on any MB21 spotters hit list. Located near to Evesham, it offers spectacular views of the surrounding countryside, and on a clear day you can see as far as Birmingham.

The site itself uses a very short tower, meaning you can see all the antennas in close up detail, there's no need for a very long lens! It's fascinating to see all the equipment so close with the naked eye. With the tower being so low, there is relativel little room for sharers. This has lead to O2 and Vodafone building their own respective towers on the other side of the site. These both look to be of the very early type, and with views like these you can see why the site was originally chosen. With todays congestion issues it's probably less well suited!

Overall, little seems to have changed her since Dan Glover's visit of 2010.

The site as viewed form the road. The main Broadcast tower is on the left, the two telco sites are on the right.

The important tower, as far as broadcast goes!

The main cardiod is at the top for TV, then comes FM and DAB. Below that we have both the Sutton Coldfield receive and the temporary DTT logs. Below that are the FM receive antennas on Meriden, and finally a further trough receive for DTT.

The important bit, as far as Freeview is concerned, is the main cardioid. We think this was replaced around 2010, as spotted by Dan Glover.

The single tier FM Stack, showing the main FM spearheads and the 2 different types of DAB antenna used on site. I would speculate this is to generate the desired radiation pattern.

Interim DTT antennas still present, with the Sutton Coldfield receive trough behind. I wonder if there were interference issues when these were in use?

2 FM receive antennas and the lower trough

From the other side of the tower you can see the BBC DAB downlink dish and a (possibly obsolete?) Mercury Communications dish.

Front of the site, showing the three towers (Vodafone, O2, Broadcast). Also 2 large white satellite dishes are present (useage unknown) and a small black dish next to them.

Excellent views from the site.

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