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Photos by Richard Maycock Page last updated: 2014-07-02

May 2005

According to Ofcom data this was a 250W relay of Sutton Coldfield, but Richard had information to suggest that Waltham was the source for BBC1/2. Site number 102.12 also confirms this was originally a dependent of Sutton Coldfield.

Richard noted a bay of four toed-in logs, together with a single log - which appeared to be pointing in the same direction.

DSO details show Ashbourne in the Waltham "transmitter group" with no suggestion this is a change - so a switch from Sutton Coldfield may have occurred some time previously for all services? The ERP is now 50W.

Ashbourne entered service on the 28th February 1975 as a relay of Sutton Coldfield. ITV was re-assigned to Waltham in 1982. Channel 4 was added in March 1985. In 1991, BBC 1 & 2 were re-assigned to Waltham. DSO was on the 17th and 31st August 2011. The UHF cylinder contains a NNW (330) facing cardioid.

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