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Photos by Martin Brown Page last updated: 2017-04-09

DAB added & new UHF Tx aerials - April 2017

Band III aerials have been added at Over Norton for the Oxfordshire local DAB multiplex. Ofcom data gives a service date of 28th September 2016. Also the UHF transmit panels were replaced on 23rd March 2017, in preparation for 700 MHz band clearance, as two of the DTT multiplexes are expected to move into band IV.

From the top down. DAB dipoles, UHF transmit panels, SHF antenna (23 GHz), Oxford UHF receive panel, redundant Sutton Coldfield receive log periodic.

Two tiers of band III dipoles for DAB transmit. The new UHF panels. These are facing roughly south and west.

The SHF antenna provides the DAB programme and is pointing towards Icomb Hill.

Left, the original band V UHF transmit panels as seen when Dan Glover visited in May 2011. Right, the new panels. Note that the new panels are tilted downwards.

The new DAB cabin on the right with the usual GPS aerials.

Chipping Norton

Over Norton index

Icomb Hill

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