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Photos by Dan Glover Page last updated: 2011-08-04

May 2011 - DSO changes

There has been some "decluttering" of this site recently, to leave just the broadcast antennas.

Planning document 10/1279/P/FP at West Oxfordshire District Council answers some of the questions - but raises others.

In preparation for DSO this site is now a relay of Oxford rather than Suttton Coldfield.

This would seem to be a new receive antenna for Oxford. The planning application states this is a Sira UTV-07 panel on bearing 125.

There's still one log remaining - compared with the two in the original photos of this site. I assume this was to receive Sutton Coldfield until the change was made.

The planning application gives the remaining log as bearing 355 - the one which was removed is listed as 140. Very strange!

Permission was also requested (and approved) for a VSAT dish at 5m AGL - but this hasn't been fitted.

The two transmit panels appear to have been retained and show signs of weathering.

The enclosure on the right is labelled "Dolphin" however all feeders and antennas have been removed. Previously there were a number of UHF stacked dipoles and an SHF link on this site in connection with this now defunct TETRA PMR service.

The planning document also refers to a redundant cabinet which stood on the base to the left of the relay enclosure.

The service area includes Chipping Norton, in the valley below.

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