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Photos by Alan Price Page last updated: 2016-09-06

July 2016

Ipstones Edge is a very high site, overlooking much of the Midlands. Many other broadcast sites were visible, including Alsagers Bank, Pye Green, The Wrekin, Sutton Coldfield, Mow Cop and Sutton Common.

AlanL "All I can read on the site number is '140...'!"

Editor's note: probably 140914 which appeared on the Crown Castle sign along with the legacy TV site number 102.36. Interesting how the red and blue on the left hand sign have completely faded.

Despite being only 15 miles or so from the fringes of Stoke-on-Trent, this is quite a wild & rural site. Note Sutton Common on the hilltop bottom right hand side.

Sutton Common, just under 20 miles away.

Six logs pointing eastwards. These seem to point towards the villages along the A523 (e.g. Waterhouses), which are screened from Sutton Coldfield/The Wrekin by the ridge that Ipstones Edge sits on.

The two logs still remain, one on Sutton Coldfield and the other on The Wrekin. My hunch is that as this is such a high site, other transmitters co-channel may have made receiving Sutton Coldfield a problem, meaning a second link to The Wrekin had to be set up.

The bottom half of the tower is now a lot more cluttered since Richard's photos - there were no dishes around this height.

Other transmitters close by. The one on the far left is located next to a resevoir, whereas the furthest one away I think is for fire.

Since Richard's photos, a new green hut has sprouted up. (Editor's note: the relay is probably the cabinet on the right with the "contrasting" door.)

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