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Photos by Richard Maycock Page last updated: 2016-09-06

Richard commented "This is a nicely elevated site, at 394m.

The site is located down a lane off a public road, and you will note that it is untidy and rough looking. Indeed I was very wary of approaching to get the pictures as I thought that the 'travelling community' had made it their home as from the road the old trucks, cars and battered mobile homes surrounding the perimeter of the site gave this impression. I need not have worried though as the site was apparently simply being used by the local land owner for his personal dump.

Interestingly, you will note there are two RX log periodics quite low down on the mast. (This is a bit of a mystery to me, and I note from one of the recent additions to your gallery that this has occurred at other sites). By my reckoning, one of these was pointing towards Sutton Coldfield, which is the TX this site relays according to BBC Engineering. The other seemed to point towards the Wrekin"

Editor's note: the original site number 102.36 certainly implies a relay of Sutton Coldfield yet a BBC document in 1988 shows The Wrekin as the source. There is obviously some historical reason for the changed arrangements.

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