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Photos by Rob Shufflebotham Page last updated: 2017-10-24

Rugeley is located at a school. Thankfully it was a Sunday afternoon, so a man standing in a field with a camera taking pictures of a school didn't arouse too much suspicion.

The Tx sits on a school roof and transmits back towards the Sutton Coldfield station it relays, serving a housing estate on the side of a bank sheltered from Sutton.

The rough direction of transmission is down the hedge on the left of the large panorama.

Ray Cooper comments: It's a pity this photo didn't include the complete transmitting array: on the left of the photo you can see the rear-end of two VP logs pointing in the opposite direction. These are part of the TX array, and fill-in an area further up the hillside.

The main area, down in the town, is by no means lacking in signal strength from Sutton - unfortunately it's riddled with DII -Delayed Image Interference ("ghosting") due to the cooling towers at Rugeley power station making life a misery for the inhabitants in televisual terms. This also explains the use of a four-toed-in log array for the RX aerial - certainly not needed in field strength terms, but vital to get a clean ghost-free signal.

Rob returned to the site in January 2011 to to provide the detail of the other half of the transmitting array missed by his previous visit.

Detail from the west.

... and from the east.

The year was 1991

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