UK Broadcast Transmission
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Photos by Alan Price Page last updated: 2017-03-29

DAB added - March 2017

Another update for DAB antennas. Darwen was surprisingly easy to get to - it's situated at the side of a main road, and a public footpath runs through a field next to the site.

DAB service dates: BBC, 30th June 2014; Digital One and Lancashire, 23rd May 2016.

4 x 5 element band III Yagis for DAB transmit. The DAB antennas point at 90 degrees to the FM antennas, roughly north and south.

The FM transmit antennas point roughly east and west. Transmissions are only 10 watts, and reception had disappeared around 2 miles of leaving the site southwards towards Edgworth.

[Ed] Also seen here above the band II Tx logs is an SHF antenna facing Winter Hill, which is likely to be providing the Lancashire DAB programme feed.

Troughs looking at Winter Hill.

Is the dish bottom left something to do with DAB?

[Ed]. Looks like a telemetry dish.

FM receive from Winter Hill. Winter Hill is probably used as a source as Darwen is only 0.2MHz away from Holme Moss' frequencies.

DAB GPS cones

Around the front

Satellite dish providing the BBC and Digital One DAB programme feeds.

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