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Photos by Richard Moore Page last updated: 2019-02-08

February 2019

Living relatively close to Saddleworth, I thought I would take a drive out to the site at the tail end of the recent snow fall. Parking near Lower Bent farm above the village of Grasscroft it is a bit of a hike up a farm track then two open fields to reach the site.

It was bitingly cold in the wind, but otherwise a beautiful afternoon with great views across Greater Manchester, the Saddleworth Valley, and the Peak District.

Photos are a mix from my DSLR and my Drone - video footage from the visit can be viewed here

Band II log periodic aerial pointing east towards Holme Moss

On the left the top two tiers of the directional ILR FM stack pointing at Manchester, with the local DAB and FM services around the sides and back to cover the Saddleworth Valley

Closeup of one of the 4 band II circularly polarised aerials in the directional ILR FM stack.

UHF trough receive aerial pointing at Winter Hill

Aerial view looking across Greenfield in the background

Looking South

Looking North West, Manchester in the distance

View back over Manchester from halfway up the hill

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