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Photos by Martin Brown Page last updated: 2022-05-20

New UHF receive aerial - May 2022

For 700 MHz band clearance Saddleworth has a new UHF receive aerial due to the channel changes at Winter Hill. The channel changes occurred in August 2020. A new receive panel has been added below the original trough.

Saddleworth as seen from Summershades Lane. The street where I parked my car.

The new UHF receive panel has been added below the original trough.

The UHF transmit cylinder looks to be unchanged. As 700 MHz band clearance required two of the Com multiplexes to move into band IV, I had expected that a new UHF transmit antenna might be required. Either it is sufficiently wideband, or any changes made were inside the cylinder. It has to be remembered that the UHF transmit antenna at Saddleworth is not a cardioid. The case at most other relays with cylinder transmit antennas.

No change to the DAB and ILR transmit aerials.

Further round the tower and the BBC band II dipoles come into view.

Band II log periodic receiving the BBC radio transmissions from Holme Moss.

The top section of Holme Moss is visible 6.7 miles distant.

These two UHF log periodics are still in situ facing Winter Hill

Manchester city centre in the haze about 10 miles away.

North Oldham 3.7 miles distant.

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