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Photos by Dan Glover Page last updated: 2015-04-04

April 2013

After inconclusive results at Bebbington it was time for the Update List's next challenge: "Detail of rx aerial on Moel-y-Parc (Welsh PSBs)"

A bright day, as I recall, but with cloud coming and going, hence the sky colour seems to be different for every image!

A new sign, but no obvious changes on the tower...

The interim-DTT array (right hand side) has been retained. Capital FM uses the slant-polarised yagis on the left

A curiosity is the Marconi dipole, low down and on the "Mersey side". The log is one of three facing Winter Hill - though the site is now line fed for the English services

Capital has two pairs of slant-polarised yagis but I wonder if that dipole on the opposite side of the structure is intended to provide some "leakage" to the north east?

The Welsh PSB array is horizontally polarised and if my interpretation of log-crossing theory is correct has a more focused radiation pattern than its English companion...

The site is in the middle of woodland, though it seems to be open for public access with well-trodden paths. Here we are round the back, looking for the elusive receive antenna for the Welsh side of the relay. It is shy and likes to hide behind the trees...

...or other antennas

Moel-y-Parc is in the opposite direction to Winter Hill - and the log on the left is the only one now in normal use

Clearly unhappy to be seen on its own but mission accomplished

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