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Photos by Alan Price Page last updated: 2017-04-26

March 2017

Buxton must be unique in transmitting two different regions - North West Tonight from Manchester and BBC Radio Derby from the East Midlands. It's interesting that the residents of Buxton look towards Manchester and the North West for TV, yet Derby and the East Midlands on their radio! In seriousness, I think BBC Radio Manchester from Holme Moss would be near enough impossible to receive at decent signal levels here, which is evident by the fact that Buxton relays Sutton Coldfield rather than Holme Moss.

[Ed] Buxton is in Derbyshire.

The aim was to get some detail of the DAB and High Peak Radio antennas.

Eight UHF logs point towards Winter Hill. I would imagine Winter Hill's signal is marginal at best here.

DAB entered service 26th June 2008, at a power of 1kW. Buxton lies in the editorial area of the Derbyshire multiplex - when that arrives at Buxton I wonder if it will use these antennas?

Two Kathrein circularly polarised, band II panels for FM radio transmit.

No wonder the High Peak Radio aerial hasn't been caught before - it's in a cluttered part of the tower and hard to spot from the Buxton side.

Band II RBL receive aerials.

High Peak Radio originally relayed Buxworth, however, listening to the station on the way to Buxton, it seems the feed is now via webstream.

Does anybody what this is for?

Dish for BBC DAB feed.


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