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Photos by Harry Broughton Page last updated: 2016-07-20

Photographs taken June 2016

Harry writes: a few images of the North Oldham relay taken on a dull Summer's evening; this is one of the more accessible transmitters in the area, being located pretty much on the local recreational ground, which itself is located only 5-10 minutes or so from Oldham Town Centre.

I'm not entirely sure of this relay's intended coverage area. It appears to radiate in a South Easterly direction - possibly towards the suburbs of Glodwick and Fitton Hill, but driving around the area I really struggled to notice any wide-scale use of the relay; most aerials seem to be fine receiving direct from Winter Hill or nearby Saddleworth. There did seem a bit of a more wide use of the transmitter in the town centre itself though.

Despite being a little-used low power relay, it's a fairly packed mast that's received the usual added plates and equipment we see on so many masts today.

A general view of the mast

A close up of the broadcast panels directed in a South-Easterly type direction.

And the trough aerial on Winter Hill 15-20 miles away

Another look at the mast, unfortunately the trees in the area, combined with the sodden ground, meant I could only take pictures from this angle. Thereafter heavy rain moved back in; I quickly ran back to my car.

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