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Photos by Peter Bigwood Page last updated: 2016-03-21

Alexandra Palace Today

After the transfer of the BBC TV 405-line service to Crystal Palace on 28th March 1956, Alexandra Palace wasn't used for any broadcast services until a UHF TV relay station entered service on 4th November 1982. DSO was on the 4th and 18th April 2012.

On 13th November 1989 an FM radio transmitter was added on 103.3 MHz, shared by London Greek Radio & WNK. Choice FM on 107.1 MHz entered service on 17th April 2000.

DAB service dates are: BBC, 27th September 1995; Digital One, 20th May 1999; London 1, 2nd June 2000;
London 2, 30th November 2000; London 3, 14th January 2002; Sound Digital, 29th February 2016.

A virtually seamless mosaic of close-up shots of the aerial.

The GLC blue plaque at the site.

If you think 2 November is a familiar date it was also chosen as the starting date for Channel 4.

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