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Photos by Dan Glover Page last updated: 2013-12-22

May 2011

This was on the Update List as requiring a view of the rx antenna.

Two oddities are the use of a cylinder on a structure which wasn't purpose-built and the troughs for receive - however this was the first UHF relay station (BBC2 in service 11 October 1965). Back then troughs and cylinders were standard fitment.

The water tower is somewhat "landlocked" and there are plenty of mature trees to fill the gaps in the view between the houses. However I think we have everything covered this time

The site number 101.02 confirms this is a long-established relay. We can't really see anything from the gate though.

In the bright afternoon sunshine the cylinder looks quite scruffy.

The mystery of the receive antenna can now be revealed. Twin troughs - main and standby - are a feature of first generation relays.

The VP log which is visible to the right of the cylinder is explained below.

The logs for the defunct local Herts TV service are still in place. In fact there appear to have been four of them! I believe the VP yagi right of centre to be for water company telemetry.

This tower seems to have escaped the attention of the mobile phone networks and is relatively unclutered

This household is using diverse feeds, for whatever reason.

Hertford index

BBC RD Report (1965): UHF Aerials for the Hertford Television Relay Station

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