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Photos by Malcolm Pritchard & Lee Goulding Page last updated: 2017-09-11

Dog Hill sits near the top of a Pennine ridge overlooking most of Greater Manchester. Dog Hill serves the towns of Royton and Shaw and the village of New Hey all of which sit between the towns of Rochdale and Oldham. The whole area is shadowed from Winter Hill to some extent by local hills to the west though only in Royton and New Hey is Dog Hill widely used.

Originally an IBA landlord site, Dog Hill entered service on 9th March 1979, with Channel 4 from September 1985. DSO was on 4th November and 2nd December 2009.

Our first photo of this Winter Hill relay was taken by Malcolm Pritchard in June 1983 and shows the original triangular tower. The remainder were taken by Lee Goulding about 20 years later...

Dog Hill in June 1983. The original tower.

When Lee visited Dog Hill the tower had been replaced with this square design.
The tower was replaced in July 2002.

Lee writes: This picture shows the tower overlooking Shaw on a very clear evening with a
pleasant sunset.

This picture shows the mast in a bit more detail including the directional transmit aerials
which broadcast only to the west of the site; below the mobile phone aerials you can see
the receive Yagi pointing at Winter Hill which is 20 or so miles to the west.

Winter Hill, but not the transmitter mast, is the highest part of the ridge of hills in the distance.

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