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Photos by Simon Linney Page last updated: 2014-02-14

Barrow Town Hall was originally a relay of Millom Park and came into service in May 1988. ITV used to be on channel 67 until Winter Hill started using this for DTT. It then moved to the more normal channel 41. Since DSO, Barrow Town Hall relays Winter Hill.

Why Barrow Town Hall relayed Millom Park I don't know as there's nothing much in the way of Winter Hill from there. Or why channel 67 was used (maybe because 41 is 9 channels above one of the Millom Park channels?).

On the roof of the town hall there are a pair of horizontally polarised yagis pointing at Winter Hill and vertically polarised yagis pointing at Millom Park

The 2 log periodics cover an area to the north west of the town hall. The users of this relay are either screened from Winter Hill by the town hall itself or other tall buildings in the town centre. As most of these people are very close by, the tx aerials are tilted downwards at quite an angle.

The white colinear aerial inside the tower is the UHF outside broadcast receive aerial for BBC Radio Cumbria. The colinear outside the tower by the tx aerials is for a UHF mobile data network.

DSO was on 4th November and 2nd December 2009.

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