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Photos by Dan Glover Page last updated: 2011-10-19

November 2009

A couple of changes here since Rupert Fennymore's visit. It seems that direct reception of Crystal Palace at the relay site has become an issue. The location is at the edge of some woodland which presumably has grown to the extent that even two logs on an extension pole couldn't provide a reliable feed.

At one stage there was a planning application to mount two rx antennas on a pole on the other side of the woodland, with a long buried feeder. Not sure if this was ever implemented, there was no obvious trace when I visited. There are still two rx logs, but lower down the mast and now directed across the valley to the Biggin Hill Link site. I've not managed to match the perspective of the previous photos but the tx logs seem to be in the same configuration as before.

At ground level there is a new fence and site signage, with some different rubbish. It looks like a new house is about to be be built the other side of the relay - there was probably nothing there when it first went on-air, now it's a bit of a squeeze.

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