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Photos by Dan Glover Page last updated: 2015-09-15

September 2015: FM RBL changes

The receive antennas for Band II (BBC National services and Radio Sheffield) were located on a wooden pole some distance from the tower - this was part of the original 1960s installation at the site. The pole is just visible on the Bing "Bird's Eye" view here - outside the compound and in the north west corner of the water company land. It never featured in our photos of the site, partly due to lack of access and partly because past contributors probably weren't aware it was there...

...and soon it may not be! We understand the condition of the pole led to new receive antennas being added to the tower in the autumn of 2014

Thanks to the magic of Google Streetview we were able to identify a place from which the pole was visible. Although now disused it was still in place when Dan visited one evening in mid-September 2015

Campsall Drive is just to the north of the water company boundary and it's possible to see the wooden pole between two houses...

...there are two 4-element yagis, facing Holme Moss

The relay literally towers above Hallgate Road - there is no apparent change to the transmit arrays but two new 4-element Band II yagis have been added at relatively low level... standing in the middle of Tapton Hill Road it was just possible to get a clear view between the BT wires and above the roof line!

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