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Photos by Lee Goulding and Joshua Zachary Saddler Page last updated: 2018-08-22

Lee: I have finally made the trek to Keighley and it was quite an uphill struggle on a hot day but I think the pictures made it worth the pain. Keighley is situated on the southern side of Rombalds Moor (which is more commonly known as Ilkley Moor) and overlooks the town and much of the lower Aire Valley.

This area does not receive very good coverage of either UHF or VHF services from Emley Moor / Holme Moss and as such Keighley covers a very wide area along the valley from the outskirts of Skipton to the northern fringes of Bradford. The transmitter is also quite widely used in Bradford itself especially in the west where it provides a better signal than Idle or Emley Moor. The VHF services cover much of West Yorkshire and extend quite a way into North Yorkshire, particularly the 102.7 frequency of Radio Leeds.

Originally an ITA landlord site, BBC 2 entered service on 29th December 1969. BBC 1 was added on 20th April 1970, ITV on 21st April 1972, with Channel 4 from June 1983. The UHF cylinder contains a SW (240°) facing cardioid. DTT was added in 1998. DSO was on 7th and 21st September 2011.

BBC FM radio entered service in October 1988, with Radio 1 from 22nd October 1992 and Radio Leeds from September 1993.

DAB service dates: Digital One, 14th June 2001; Bradford & Huddersfield, 8th December 2003; BBC, 18th March 2004.

The picture above shows the view tower through the trees at the end of the bridleway down from the nearby Moor.

I have attempted a top to bottom close-up with pictures above and below. At the top, just below the UHF aerials are what look like aerials for the digital TV services, the VHF dipoles and Band III dipoles for the Digital 1 DAB service. Just below the mobile telephone aerials are the troughs which point at Emley Moor which is about 25 or so miles to the south east (and is clearly visible). Just above the odd 'flower' shaped dish is the horizontally polarised VHF receiving aerial pointing at Holme Moss, but what are those two vertically polarised aerials? They point in the direction of Winter Hill but I would not expect Keighley to rebroadcast any services from that site.

The interim DTT antenna is located on the top of the existing analogue antenna cylinder. That DTT antenna will be removed when the analogue antenna is swapped out prior to DSO.

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