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Photos by Richard Maycock and Rob Shufflebotham Page last updated: 2014-07-02

Originally a BBC landlord site. UHF TV channels 1 - 3 entered service on 29th August 1975, with Channel 4 from December 1985. The UHF cylinder contains a NE (60) facing cardioid. DSO was on 7th and 21st September 2011.

RM: Just a few pictures of the Calver Peak TV TX in Derbyshire.

The pictures were taken in a hurry as the site is in the middle of fields off the nearest footpath, and the farmer, who I was trying to avoid, was on his way over as I took them!

RS: To get to the site I took a pleasant stroll up the access track, which brought me to the tower. Arqiva and previously Crown Castle seem very anxious that you should know where you are so they provide no less than three signs to tell you!

When I was up at the site the wind was fierce and you could hear it whistling through the tower, quite eerie.

The feed to this site is interesting - it was a split feed between Tideswell Moor and Emley as some of the channels used here are very close to the Emley channels, making effective reception difficult, hence the horizontal troughs on Emley and the single vertical trough on Tideswell Moor. BBC 1 used Tideswell Moor, BBC 2 & ITV used Emley Moor, Channel 4 unknown. (This split arrangement ceased at DSO).

Also present here are the 4 major 2G phone networks (Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile and O2, in descending order).

Calver Peak index

Tideswell Moor

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