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Photos by Lee Goulding Page last updated: 2018-03-01

The Todmorden transmitter in upper Calderdale, West Yorkshire. The site is a couple of miles or so to the east of the town at a location which allows for direct reception of Winter Hill, which was the original programme source for this relay as site number 103.05. In 1982 ITV was changed to relay Yorkshire TV from Emley Moor, via Cornholme. The BBC implemented the same change on the 1st May 2009, in the run up to DSO. The site number is now 104.65. Todmorden is in West Yorkshire. The Cornholme relay is a few miles to the north west. The vertically polarised aerials receiving this feed can be seen, just above the mobile phone aerials.

The transmittter serves quite a large area of Calderdale between Todmorden and Hebden Bridge though much of Todmorden itself is at least as well covered by the Walsden relay.

The FM feed seems to be from Cornholme too - a ridge of hills to the south lies between Holme Moss and the mast presumably making direct reception too difficult.

I visited on a day which, without doubt, could be described as 'clagged in'! Half-an-hour earlier, you could barely see the mast from a few feet away.

Originally an ITA landlord site. BBC 1 & 2 entered service during the period 1970/1, ITV from 31st May 1972 and Channel 4 in March 1985. The UHF cylinder contains a NNW (345°), facing cardioid. DSO was on the 7th and 21st September 2011.

BBC national FM radio was added on 2nd February 1990, with Radio 1 from 25th March 1994.

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