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Photos by David Neale Page last updated: 2012-11-05

Here are pictures of this very busy Black Hill relay that stands high up between the Towns of Lochgilphead and Tarbert.

I saw the best sunrise I have ever seen and you will see what I mean from the photos.

The views from both ground level and up the tower are extensive, being able to see along the stretch of Loch Fyne both north and south. To the south is Arran to the north are the Arrochar mountains. Just behind the site to the west is Soouth Knapdale's highest summit called Ben Odhar.

At the top, on the left, there are 4 vertical UHF Yagis pointing south-west, which transmit a narrow beam towards the Gigha Island relay.

About 2/3rds up is the UHF receive trough on Black Hill. Lower down is no less than 3 band II receive aerials systems. On the right is a horizontal band II log on Black Hill for reception of Radios 1 - 3 and R.Scotland. Above and below this are 2 vertical, 6 element Yagis, for reception of the considerably lower powered Radio Nan Gaidheal, from Black Hill. In the middle of the tower are 2 vertical, 4 element Yagis for reception of Radio 4 from Darvel.

Above: the narrowbeam feed off to Gigha Island.

Toed in UHF logs for RBL of Black Hill. Likely to have been a DSO replacement for the UHF trough.

The sun rises above a cloud inversion

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Gigha Island

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