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Photos by Alexander Heath, Ian Chambers, Simon Parton and Noel Park Page last updated: 2011-05-03

Wenvoe (C) - temporary mast

What we have here are the foundations for Wenvoe C..., which is the FOURTH tall mast to be built at this site.

For the forthcoming high power DVB-T services (due in 2009/10) Wenvoe A, the main mast, is being extended by 75ft. While this work is carried out a temporary 600 ft mast -designated Wenvoe C - is being built at the site. Here we see the foundations for this new mast.

The mast base and guy anchors are pile driven into the bed rock to a depth of 6 metres. This provides a very quick construction technique.

It is expected that the temporary mast will be completed by the end of August 2006. This will then provide Wenvoe's UHF services until the mast extension and the new aerial system are complete.

BELOW: July/August 2006 and work progresses. By now the temp mast is about 150-200ft high with two guy points completed...

BELOW: Simon Parton's photo from Jan-2007 show that the new temporary mast now appears to be complete...

... and a few weeks later UHF panels and VHF aerials are in place:

In our last photo (from DSOman) it's 12-Oct-2006: Wenvoe temporary mast and the RFS antenna 'Ready for Launch' - the RFS antenna is lifted and starts its slow 200m ascent...

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