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Photos by Martin Brown Page last updated: 2017-12-01

DAB added - July 2015

BBC DAB entered service on the 30th June 2014.

Maesteg was built around 1972/3 for UHF TV and would, almost certainly have used a cardioid, within a GRP cylinder, for the transmit aerial. Log periodics weren't used until later into the 1970's. Ogmore Vale being the first from August 1974. Therefore all those Tx logs must be a later modification. I wonder when this change happened?

Maesteg golf club is next to the site, with a convenient car park.

The DAB aerials added at the top.

The site compound still in the sunshine against the darkening sky. The rain held off, while I was there.

DAB satellite receive dish.

The Norsat LNB is for the 12.25 - 12.75 GHz band, 10 kHz stability, 0.8 dB noise figure. Link to data sheet at the bottom of this page. The other device is a silica dehydrator to keep the moisture out of the waveguide.

GPS aerials.

Twin UHF receive trough aerials and the arrow points to a UHF log-periodic. All are receiving Wenvoe.

That log, close up. Looks a bit tatty.

As are the troughs.

Croeserw 4.3 km away, as seen through the haze from Maesteg.

Foel Fynyddau, 6.4 km away, as seen through the haze from Maesteg.

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Norsat LNB datasheet

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