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Photos by David Sommers and Lee Pullen Page last updated: 2014-12-01

Earlier Photos

David Sommers writes: Pennorth provides UHF TV for an area to the SE of Brecon including villages in the Usk Valley in Mid Wales which are screened from the Brecon UHF relay by the back of Slwch hill. Brecon can clearly be seen from an area close to Pennorth in one of the photos, however the feed for Pennorth came via the Clyro relay rather than directly from Brecon.

Pennorth has a terrible reputation for short drop outs. This was a problem with power supplies to the station and although it has improved in recent times, the interruptions are still present.

Before Pennorth came on line on 30th July 1976, most of this area used Abergavenny for UHF reception. My parents live in this area and still use Abergavenny with a high gain aerial and masthead amplifier to avoid the interruptions in Pennorth reception, though for many in the area Abergavenny now suffers from co-channel interference and Pennorth is their only option.

(Photos by Lee Pullen except where indicated)

(photo David Sommers)

Receive aerial panels pointing towards Clyro.

The view to Llangorse

Brecon seen from Pennorth (photo David Sommers)

Pennorth and the view to Llangorse in winter

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