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Photos by Ben Smith Page last updated: 2023-06-19

April 2009

The Ton Pentre relay is located on Mynydd Maendy, (Maendy Mountain) just to the South of Treorchy in the heart of the Rhondda valley. It's stunning location and altitude (375m) affords spectacular views up and down the valley. The cinder access track to the Tx is a bridleway and not a vehicular right of way, however I was lucky in that the local farmer and landowner was there to unlock the gate and gave me permission to drive to the site - which I was quite thankful for as at some points the track is a 1-in-4 slope!

There are two sets of UHF transmitting panels, one pair serving Ton Pentre to the South-East, the other pair serving Cwmparc to the North-West and parts of Treorchy that are shielded from the Rhondda relay by the shape of the valley.

The FM TX aerials are an interesting 'skeleton slot slant polarised' type and are located just below the top platform of the tower. Note there are only three of the apertures used - this is because the fourth would point diectly into the side of the mountain!

The UHF Rx trough is on the South-East face of the tower, and relays Wenvoe directly.

The FM Rx log periodic is vertically polarised and is on Wenvoe too. The horizonal 3-element band II yagi was used for the RBL receive aerial for R Wales, when this service was originally transmitted from Wenallt.

Ton Pentre was originally a BBC landlord site which entered service on 29-Apr-1977 to serve about 5350 people. S4C was available from the launch on 1-Nov-1982. DSO was on 3rd and 31st March 2010.

BBC FM radio entered service on 26-Aug-1988, with Radio's 1 & 4 added on 9-Dec-1992 and Radio Wales on 14-Dec-2001.

The view towards Ton Pentre.

The view towards Cwmparc.

The view towards Rhondda.

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