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Photos by Alan J Davidson Page last updated: 2017-03-01

Vintage pictures of construction of Selkirk mast

Alan J Davidson used to live in Selkirk from the mid 1950s to early 1960s. He has published a book called Memories of Selkirk which contains many photographs of Selkirk of around that time. Book available from Amazon. See link at foot of the page.

Jim Keddie contributed these pictures which Alan has kindly allowed me to publish the mast photos on mb21.

Alan commented : I took this one from near the top, just before I clambered on to the mast itself. I remember the workmen said that a Border TV cameraman had taken the same trip the week before and he had nearly passed out.

The Band 3 POD aerials can be quite clearly seen.

Can anyone suggest the work going on here ?

It would appear they are winding the feeder up the mast at this point.

Looking down the outside of the mast from around 700 ft. Scanned directly from Alan's book.

Unfortunately Alan hasn't found the negatives from the photographs within the book itself so I've scanned the picture above directly from the book, not as good quality but still worth looking at I think.

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Memories of Selkirk book

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