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Start of the 700 MHz clearance scheme - 1st March 2017

On 1st March 2017 Selkirk becomes the first big test for the 700 MHz UHF clearance scheme, the upheaval during which UHF chs 49 - 54 and 57 - 60 will be cleared of television transmissions over the next three years.

On this day the BBC A standard definition multiplex will appear on a new UHF channel - 32. For the following four weeks a duplicate transmission will remain on the existing channel (50).

The big question is how older "grouped" UHF aerials, erected back in the days when Selkirk operated only in the higher part of Band V, will perform on a channel in Band IV. In areas with a good signal there will probably be little in the way of problems, but at the edges of the service area there may well be installations that do not perform adequately and will need changing - by the replacement of a Group C/D aerial with a wide-band version.

At the end of the clearance process Selkirk will be using UHF chs 32/33/34/35/36 and 48. However, the other transmissions will not be moving to their new channels until August 2019.

The map below shows the current timetable for major channel changes at the main transmitting sites.

Further information from Digital UK, and ports of call for help, are linked from the bottom of this page:

(map courtesy of Ofcom/Digital UK)

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Modifications to UHF tx aerial for 700 MHz clearance - Spring 2016

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