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Photos by Jordy Lyons Page last updated: 2014-06-23

Carnmoney Hill was built due to what I've named the bowl effect. Newtownabbey is shielded from Divis by Cavehill, a rock outcrop in North Belfast - like a cereal bowl with a hill in the middle. Newtownabbey is sandwiched in the valley below and can't receive Divis.

The vertically polarised FM trnamissions are from the end-fed antenna at the top of the tower.

I've included an image of the next-door site known as Glencairn, Glencairn was the original site for television before Divis was built. These days the site is still broadcasting Channel 9 local television at 1kw. It's known today as Ballygomartin. The top of Divis is just visible to the right of the tower.

Originally a BBC landlord site, BBC 1 & ITV entered service on 7th December 1973. Unusually, and probably due to the troubles in N.Ireland, at the time, BBC 2 was added later in 1975. Channel 4 was added in June 1983. DSO was on 10th and 24th October 2012.

BBC FM radio entered service on 20th January 1992. City Beat launched on 4th April 2007.

Reception at this site certainly seems to be a bit of a struggle. There is, just about, line-of sight to Divis -as the last photo on this page shows - but ghosting and multipath must be quite severe as an 18 element yagi is used for the UHF feed and 4 spaced yagis are needed to clean up the FM stereo signal.

Glencairn (Ballygomartin)

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