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Photos by Martin Brown Page last updated: 2019-05-13

Update May 2019

Luckily I was less troubled by the bovines in the field on either side of the track leading up to the Eyemouth Tx site than Mark Carver had been in 2017 and was able to get close up to show the DAB aerials and new UHF Rx panel in more detail.

Four band III dipoles at the top for DAB transmit. But what are the two band III dipoles of the right for?

The top DAB stack close up

Those other two band III dipoles. Purpose unknown.

The lower UHF receive trough has been replaced with this Sira panel aerial.

Two band II log periodics on the left transmit the BBC FM radio services, while the slant polarised 3 element band II Yagi on the right transmits Radio Borders.

Band II receive aerial.

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