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Photos by Jordy Lyons Page last updated: 2023-03-16
NGR: D295153 Maps: Google  Bing (Ord Surv)   Site Height: 191m      Structure Height: 45m
Digital TV: BBC A: 39   D3&4: 42   BBC B: 45  
National Radio:
Local Radio:
Digital Radio:
Comments: Relay of Divis. Pre B700 allocations: 56/48/52.

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Don't really know why this site is called Bellair - Glenarm would probably be a more appropriate name. Situated on a hill above Glenarm, Co Antrim, serving the fishing villages of Glenarm and Carnlough. This relay seems very widely used - aerials can be seen making use of this relay on the other side of the bay.

Bellair was originally a BBC landlord site which entered service on 18-Aug-1978 to serve a population of about 1200 people. Channel 4 was added on 31-Oct-1986. DSO was on 10th and 24th October 2012.

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