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Photos by Martin Watkins and Mark Carver Page last updated: 2012-12-19

October 2011 - the new mast

We'd rather assumed that the new installation would be pretty much finished, and indeed as far as TV DSO is concerned it probably is.

But there is no sign whatsoever of the FM or DAB services even preparing to move, nor indeed any third party non-broadcast operators.

So we were left wondering whether the old mast may yet have quite a few months (or longer) left in front of it....

The three apertures of the new aerial system are known as S1 S2 and S3.

S1 is at 177 m agl, S2 at 156 m agl and S3 at 140 m agl. The FM system on the new mast (yet to arrive) is at the same height as on the old, 104 m agl. At least they've got the right figure on their plans, unlike the BBC and indeed Ofcom. (120 m agl according to them, erroneously).

S2 and S3 are on the NNE corner of the new square-sectioned mast.

Back of the S2 antenna.....

....zooming in, you can see the power dividers

Seen from the south side the S2 and S3 apertures are hidden by the structure itself.

These new masts don't seem to taper down to a point anymore....

The top tray of the feeder run was completely empty. This could be used for the FM feeders; but we're not clear as to whether the FM transmitters will remain in the old buildings and be fed to the new mast from there (quite a long way) or whether they will be moved. The FM sets at Rowridge are only about 21 years old....

The feeder runs as they turn upwards to enter the mast.

Cooling systems and power supplies are housed in an exterior cage.

Quite a serious looking generating set....

Rear of generating plant.

The new Tx building for the new DTT transmitters.

The link named 'Inside Rowridge' at the very bottom of this page will take you to an article, detailing the engineering, and showing some interior views

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Inside Rowridge

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