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Photos by Jeremy Maris Page last updated: 2017-10-28

UHF cylinder replacement - September 2017

The UHF transmitting cylinder was replaced at Brighton (Whitehawk Hill) at the end of September 2017 in preparation for 700 MHz band clearance. Most of the DTT multiplexes are expected to be reallocated frequencies in upper band IV.

Jeremy has provided the Transmission Gallery with this comprehensive set of pictures of the crane lifting operation.

The first task was to remove the stabilizer unit from the top of the cylinder. This device was added to the top of the cylinder in July 2013 to reduce noise and vibration.

Removing the stabilizer. On the right is an 8 tier temporary UHF transmitting aerial in place of the former Channel 5 transmit aerial.

The stabilizer.

Now to lift out the old cylinder.

Note the temporary UHF Tx aerial on the left and the two log periodics on the right. The new cylinder aerial has a null towards the southeast, so a filler transmitter is to be added for the three PSB multiplexes, to be transmitted from those two log periodic aerials which point in that direction, and using the post 700 MHz clearance channels.

Up and away

Inside the old cylinder

The new cylinder

Lifting begins

Now to bolt it in place

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