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Photos by Mark Carver Page last updated: 2015-08-18

This was a single channel TV relay station. When Meridian launched the Thames Valley sub-region from Hannington in Jan-1993, this suddenly gave many viewers living in the south of Hampshire the incorrect local news programme. For geographical reasons many residents in S Hants receive a better signal from Hannington, than from the much nearer site at Rowridge.

To overcome this problem Meridian commissioned NTL to build three single channel relay stations - Hatch Bottom, North Winchester and Hythe - to carry the Meridian South sub-region from Rowridge.

Each station is located in the same direction as Hannington for each of the target service areas. Transmissions are horizontally polarised, and within the existing analogue aerial grouping of Hannington, so in theory the viewers do not need to alter their receiving aerials, they simply retune their ITV preset to the local relay in order to receive the correct news programmes.

The target area for Hatch Bottom lies to the south, and covers the towns of Hedge End and Bishopstoke.

The four HP Tx log periodics can be seen, and also just visible the two HP log periodics for the incoming RBL feed from Rowridge.

Mobile phone networks Orange and O2 also have a presence at the site.

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