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Photos by Martin WATKINS Page last updated: 2013-08-18

July 2013

I make that five prongs missing from the IRR Severn Estuary aerial system. I wonder how many have to come off before someone is sent up there to do a bit of repair work.....

We've been puzzling about the 2.4 m SHF dish at 272 m agl, which can be seen here. It is of course normal practice NOT to have dishes of this sort so high up if it can be avoided. The dish appears to be on a bearing of between 0 and 10 deg ETN, which means it COULD be looking directly at Bristol itself.

Chris Youlden writes:

"Standing on the roof of the 'new' building at BBC Bristol you can see the top third of the Mendip mast, but Whiteladies is quite high up. The plan was for the self-provide network to Mendip to be installed from there using a room with the roof tiles replaced. However I was long gone when that came into place. It is possible that they played safe with the Mendip end of the link, although you do not put dishes higher up a mast than absolutely necessary because of feeder loss, plus waveguide cost. I cannot think of anything else that may have required a dish at this height, other than a commercial requirement somewhere lower in Bristol."

No sign of the north panel of the BBC LR system being removed....

The 102.6 MHz Yagis for ILR still have an odd one out with a white cap....

Chris Youlden draws our attention to the OB microwave rotator at the 215 m level. He writes:

"Somewhat higher than my memory recalls - but it may be that we used to call that platform the 600ft one. It is set forward off the mast, of course, in order to maximise its viewing angle. It's one of the drawbacks of mounting rotators on transmission masts - CP had an OB dish at all four points of the compass to give good coverage. "

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