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Photos by Dave Ayling Page last updated: 2017-02-20

700 MHz Work - February 2017

On the 9 February the main DTT UHF antenna at Mendip was due to be swapped using a Super Puma AS332 helicopter provided by the same company that swapped the antenna using a Kamov helicopter. However the helicopter did not arrive, which I can only assume was down to the weather. It was very cloudy. Arrived back on site on the 10 February, weather conditions were even worse with thick fog and freezing temperatures. As the morning wore on the fog slowly lifted, and at about 12:45, out of the gloom, the helicopter appeared. Some of the riggers from the helicopter were seen heading up to the site, perhaps to be briefed on the work to be done?

Helicopter approaching around the back of the mast

You can just see slings hanging down from the top of the antenna and persons getting into position at the base

Lift off approx. 14:15

Approaching the mast

Helicopter attached to slings

Lift off! antenna removed and on its way to ground level

Touch down

New antenna being lifted upright

New antenna has a fixed ladder on the outside


Real skill by the pilot guiding in the antenna and by the riggers receiving the antenna

Antenna in position, helicopter has detached the slings

Job complete coming back into land

Packing up to go home. The reel at the front holds the high line for attaching to load, fuel bowsers behind

By 15:00 the helicopter was departing, just two lifts required to change the antenna

Afterwards I walked up the track and managed to get a photo of the old antenna. You can see how cold it was by the ice left on it.

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