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Photos by Robert Whittaker Page last updated: 2017-12-07

May 2005

By the time I reached the site, the light was failing fast so had to get snapping rapidly! This was not helped by the surrounding forest of tall densely packed pines.

Crockerton is a pretty large tower, which entered service in June 1982 but is now dominated by mobile telephony antennas. The low power 11W TV TX comprises two pairs of vertical crossed log periodics pointing southwest and northwest along the River Wylye valley towards Warminster and the villages of Crockerton and Longbridge Deverill. On the other side, a single vertical log periodic points east towards the village of Sutton Veny. The RX antenna is another log periodic pointing west towards Mendip.

Band III DAB antennas now crown the structure. These transmit BBC National and NOW West Wiltshire to Warminster and environs at a power of 500W.

Another fine example of ntl rebranding! They'll have to repeat
the exercise now that they're calling themselves Arqiva!

The GPS cone antennas on the roof of the green cabin would indicate that this is the home of the DAB transmitters.

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