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Photos by Mervyn Mugford Page last updated: 2018-07-29

Washford since DSO

Mervyn comments: I took these some time ago as I was passing but they were taken in poor light and in a rush so are not best. However having just sent updates for Monksilver which now provides a signal feed for Washford it seemed worth sending these in also.

Washford UHF entered service in October 1980, with Channel 4 from April 1985. DSO was on the 24th March and 7th April 2010.

The four vertical logs taking the signal from Monksilver and above the four horizontal logs that originally received Mendip

The transmit aerials at the top of the tower. Six vertically stacked on the left pointing towards Washford village, but also less clear a broadside arrangement of four toed-in logs facing us and the villages of Williton and Sampford Brett. This part of the North Somerset coast is in the shadow of the Quantock Hills for direct reception of Mendip.

A slightly better angle giving a clearer view of the transmit logs

The four vertical logs receiving Monksilver just above the flag and facing towards us and above them the four horizontal originally receiving Mendip.

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