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Photos by Mervyn Mugford and Mark Holderness Page last updated: 2012-07-10

Work in progress installing the new pole at Countisbury. Its main purpose is to install TETRA Airwave for the police but the UHF aerials will be moved there as well.

The location is an SSSI and heritage coast and AONB so the National Park specified a wooden pole but its actually steel with wood cladding.

The steel road was laid to stop contractors vehicles cutting up the moorland and will be removed when work is complete.

The old pole will be removed. I caught them just before the new aerials were installed on the pole.

I will follow up with the finished site in due course....

he new receive aerial which is only about 3 metres AGL. CCI tests (Link below) revealed that this position would give the best performance and resistance to tidal fading.

Note the stump of the old pole with the original 4 stacked log-periodic RBL aerials, Not sure why they have been left here, the cable has been cut where it enters the building so these aerials do nothing now.

A view across the Bristol Channel from the site. St. Hilary must be over there somewhere.

And finally, two scenic shots from the Countisbury site taken by Mark Holdrness:

Countisbury index

Countisbury reception tests

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