UK Broadcast Transmission
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Photos by Martin Brown Page last updated: 2021-06-05

Local TV added - June 2021

The Carlisle local TV multiplex entered service at Caldbeck on 25-Jul-2017 on ch56. 700 MHz band clearance changes saw the channel changed to 33. From 25-Mar-2020 a second antenna system radiating in southerly directions was added transmitting on ch29.

The local TV aerials using the familiar shrouded log periodics. The aerial array on the left of this picture transmit on channel 29 to southerly directions. The other array transmits on channel 33 in northerly directions.

Local TV radiation patterns at Caldbeck.

The S1 and S2 UHF antennas at 330.5m and 310m. The S1 is the main aerial transmitting the three English PSB multiplexes and the three COM multiplexes. The S2 is the reserve.

These two UHF aerial systems are designated S3 and S4 and are located at 220m and 200.6m, respectively. They are used to transmit the three Scottish PSB multiplexes. At DSO in 2009 the S3 transmitted the Scotland BBC B mux on ch22, while the S4 transmitted the Scotland BBC A and D3&4 multiplexes on ch's 27 & 24 respectively. Since 700 MHz clearance was implemented on 31-Jul-2019 which saw the Scotland version of the BBC B multiplex moved from ch22 to ch21, I suspect that the S4 is now transmitting all three Scottish PSB multiplexes.

Sandale as seen from Caldbeck

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