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Photos by Peter Bigwood Page last updated: 2018-05-20

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Caldbeck is Arqiva's main transmitter covering Cumbria, the Lake District and parts of the England-Scotland Borders. It was built by the ITA and equipped with a 1000 ft mast, broadcasting ITV on VHF channel 11, which entered service on 1st September 1961. Closed 3rd January 1985.

UHF TV commenced with BBC 2 on 16th August 1971 followed by ITV from 1st September 1971, then BBC 1 from 16th October 1971. Channel 4 was available from the launch on 2nd November 1982, as was Channel 5 from 30th March 1997. DTT entered service in November 1998. DSO was on 24th June and 22nd July 2009, at which point TV services transferred to the new DSO mast.

ILR station CFM launched on 14th April 1993. Digital One DAB entered service on 7th December 2001.

Caldbeck transmits digital multiplexes for both English and Border/Scottish regions.

The UHF panels for Channel 5 at 175m radiated to the north, east & south only. Lower are the band II aerials for IRL station CFM.

Caldbeck had a near disaster on 19th August 1977, when a US Air Force, F4 Phantom, flying at a height of 600 ft. flew through the stays of the mast, slicing off a 8 x 4 ft section of wing on one of the 800 ft. level stays, severing 90 of the 159 strands in the 2" diameter steel wire. Link to the full story which is on page 4 of this
Transmitter Group newsletter Picture of the damaged stay Picture of the aircraft wing section

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