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Photos by Phil England Page last updated: 2011-05-21

DSO & Photo Update

Decided to head to the Forest of Dean on the 20th May and track down this transmitter site. It was an interesting one to get up to. Looking at Google Maps street view, there was at one point allotments close to this site, this how ever had been replaced by a private woodland which was gated and locked.

How to get to this site then - I went up to a farm and mill - and asked if I could get to the transmitter site (a brief mention for them at the foot of the page!)

Clearwell transmitter site, in a really nice part of the Forest of Dean area, it gets its signal from the Mendip mast.

I have never seen one of these at any site, looking at whats on it, the Arqiva chaps do more than just sort out the technical bits!

This mast also has Airwave communication antenna.

The view of the transmitter mast from the road

One side of the mast has a tree in the way, which I negotiated to get a picture taken!

A close up

Many thanks to the manager of Clearwell Mill & Clearwell Farm for letting me get access to the transmitter site via a controlled access area (containing free range chickens)

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