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Photos by Dan Glover Page last updated: 2015-10-02

October 2015: local TV

Today's sunset visit was to Nottingham, where local TV had been added back in February 2014. I'd been expecting to find some shrouded logs but not to have to search for them...

Although now line fed the two logs which once received Waltham are still in place - but I wasn't able to improve on the previous photos

The stick-on numbers have unstuck themselves - just needs four ones and a zero...

From the track: no sign of local TV?

The new array is "round the corner" and somewhat lost amidst the mobile networks' antennas

Two tiers of crossed logs. For a change vertically polarised, to fit in with the main services from the site

From a distance and just north of the site a clear view of the way the small cylinder is mounted above the original - it may still be in use as the COM multiplexes are in Band V and the original analogue channels (and now the PSB multiplexes) are at the low end of Band IV

The local TV array, on the left hand side, is somewhat "lost" in the clutter. It looks like there would have been space just below the cylinder so presumably it is lower down to limit "overspill" beyond the intended service area?

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