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Photos by Simon Linney Page last updated: 2015-06-29

Coniston High Man is on the east side of Coniston Water, across from the village, at the top of Grizedale Forest. This mast and another larger one a few hundred metres away are important sites for other radio users in South Lakeland.

There were two separate re-broadcast feeds when these pictures were taken, one from Kendal on a pair of log periodics and one from Winter Hill on the trough aerial.

Coniston HM used to relay the same BBC and ITV programmes from Winter Hill (North West/Granada) so up until January 1982, it was a simple three channel relay of Winter Hill.

In January 1982, the IBA reallocated this relay, (and the others in South Lakeland) to Border TV. An SHF link was established from Caldbeck, to Kendal using Lancaster as a mid point. So from that date ITV programmes were fed by off air reception of Kendal.

The trough provided the feed for BBC 1 and 2 from Winter Hill, the Log Ps the feed for ITV and C4 from Kendal

Things changed a little again when DSO arrived, see later page of photos...

Pair of Log Ps looking at Kendal, 2/3rd the way up left leg

Trough looking at Winter Hill

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