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Photos by Bill Wright Page last updated: 2018-03-02

June 2015

Anyone walking to this site should note that the "permitted access" path shown on the current edition of OS Explorer OS7 is disused and almost impassable to the south of the site. The best approach is to use the forestry track that runs east-west and forms a loop about 150m to the north of the site. Leave this track at its northernmost point and follow the (very overgrown) site access track SSW. Contrary to what is shown on the OS map pretty well all the forestry tracks in the area have permitted access, with route markers and good surfaces, so the site can be approached from a multiplicity of points around the edge of the forest.

Tx panels, directed west

Seems that someone's gone out of their way to have the support arms in the same plane as the directors. Why not attach the two arrays directly to the ends of the horizontal arm?

Editor's Note: These yagis, looking at Kendal, replace the pre DSO pair of logs. See previous pictures, the logs provided the analogue feed of Border ITV and C4 from Kendal, while the trough (pic below) provided BBC 1 and 2 from Winter Hill.

At DSO, the BBC and ITV regions were still required to be different, however to avoid complications of splitting the muxes between parent transmitters, (it can complicate the common SI data that each mux carries), Kendal became the parent station for all three muxes, for this and the other nearby relays, and carries a special region called 'South Lakeland'. As far as viewers are concerned there are no changes, BBC 1 North West on PSB 1 Mux, and ITV Border on PSB 2 Mux,

Now redundant trough looking at Winter Hill

V-SAT telemetry dish

Coniston High Man index


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