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Photos by David Foord, Marshall Renwick and David Neale Page last updated: 2014-04-01

Original Photos

Durris opened on 30th September 1961 with ITV (Grampian) on VHF channel 9. Closed January 1985. BBC 2 entered service on 29th July 1967. BBC 1 was added in December 1970, with ITV UHF from 19th July 1971. Channel 4 was available from the launch on 2nd November 1982 and Channel 5 was availble from its launch on 30th March 1997.

DSO was on 1st and 15th September 2010.

BBC FM radio entered service on 18th November 1983, with Radio's 1 and 4 being added on 3rd December 1993. ILR (Northsound Radio) started on 17th December 1993. Original FM was added during 2007.

DAB service dates are; Aberdeen, 23rd November 2001; Digital One, 28th May 2002; BBC, 17th February 2004.

It would appear that some graphically gifted soul has at one time replaced the letters IBA with NTL on the sign at the approach to the site!

On Tuesday 17th January 1984, during a winter storm, a fire within the UHF cylinder took all 4 TV channels off air at Durris. By Saturday 21st a temporary facility was set up at the BBC MF site at Redmoss, to restore a limited service for BBC 1 and ITV. Below are links to an IBA engineering announcements Youtube video on the subject. Also a link to the BBC transmitter group newsletter, detailing the temporary arrangements, on the website.

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BBC RD: UHF Transmitting Aerial for the Durris Television Station
IBA Engineering Annoucements Youtube video
BBC Transmitter group newsletter (page 7 onwards)

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