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Photos by Dan Glover Page last updated: 2012-04-17

DSO - April 2012

A quick visit in mid-April to look for DSO changes...would the new arrangements be any more visible than the previous broadcast antennas?

At DSO, Margate becomes SFN with Dover and gains a significant power increase. Perhaps as well, since everyone nearby has a Group A antenna...

Previous more elaborate plans such as including Ramsgate and a new site at Broadstairs within the SFN have been abandoned and Margate is no longer to be in a separate "transmitter group".

Within five minutes of the last photo the weather had turned: hail and lightning. Not the best time to be ~60m AGL for the man in the orange helmet.

If you knew where to look, something has been added, but the new antenna isn't particularly obvious. It's also a bit unconventional... the centre, what looks like two empty poles close together - more detail below.

At roof level on the left is the new equipment enclosure

According to the planning application, we have a "3db colinear and reflector kit".

The tx logs on the left may have been re-located as they seem a bit higher than in previous photos of the site. Finally we have a reasonably clear image of one of the rx logs!

Note how the tx logs hide when anyone tries to approach...

What we may have is an omnidirectional antenna inside the shroud, with a smaller diameter reflector in close proximity - and a man in a hard hat. He'll probably know how it's meant to work.

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